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In the March 2016 issue of American Survival Guide, we ran an ad featuring Dani Beau showcasing our Bushcraft Necklace and Bushcraft Bracelet.

We generally do not pay for much advertising. We have been fortunate enough that the uniqueness of our products coupled with our customer’s generous word-of-mouth has generated a lot of publicity. But we felt that Dani deserved some special attention along with her products of choice, the Bushcraft line.

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If you’re not familiar with Dani Beau, she was a participant on the TV show Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel. The premise of Naked and Afraid is to throw 2 outdoor “survivalists”, usually a male and female, naked into a wild natural environment with nothing more than a tool like a knife, fire starter, or container.

The show was loosely based on a self-filmed series called Naked Castaway by Ed Stafford. Ed spent sixty days alone on the uninhabited Fijian island of Olorua in the Pacific Ocean (Essentially, like a real life self-inflicted version of the movie Castaway). If this is your first time hearing about Ed Stafford, do some research, he’s an incredible adventurer with an extraordinary resumé of exploration, including the Guinness World Record for being the first human ever to walk the length of the Amazon River.

**Side Note** Ed actually bought a Lumberjack Bracelet from us. What an honor!

(Ed Stafford photo, courtesy of edstafford.org)


Dani Naked and Afraid Bug Bites
Like Ed Stafford, Dani has proven herself to be an incredible headstrong and skillful survivor. She not only successfully met the challenge of not quitting the 21 day Naked and Afraid challenge in the jungles of Columbia, but she maintained a vegetarian diet the entire time. In the first few days she fell victim to an unfathomable attack of bug bites, but she prevailed and pushed through with fortitude that has been truly inspirational to many. This is on top of showing humble leadership and interpersonal sensitivity with her partner during very stressful circumstances. There’s a long list of fans that consider her the best female to ever have been on the show.

What’s more, due to her success, she was invited back to a more complex and challenging version of the show called Naked and Afraid XL. This time the show chucked 6 men and 6 women into the jungle. No clothes. No food. No water. Just 1 tool each. And it was for 40 days! Again, Dani succeeded! Again, she did it without eating meat. And again, she showed coolness and character.

Dani Beau cool survivalist woman

We are proud to call Dani a Wazoo Brand Ambassador and we think that she has embodies the ideals and character strength of a Survivor. Also, considering some of her professional skills of being a Wilderness EMT, Search and Rescue member, and Rock Climbing Instructor, she’s just pretty darn cool in general!


This is why we wanted to take this opportunity to help highlight this inspiring individual. Of course, we want to sell our Wearable Survival Kits™, but moreover, we want to sell a survival attitude, because survival isn’t about gear. It just helps. A lot! Now go buy our Bushcraft Necklace and Bracelet. Thanks!


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