To spur on friendly competition, track where all our gear has gone, reward adventurous souls, and inspire continued exploration, we've launched:


The fact that our products are meant to be your #1 trusty sidekick, especially while out on adventures, means that Wazoo gear goes to lots of places and does lots of things along side our intrepid tribe of customers. 

Wazoo gear has tagged along to...

  • all 50 states, 7 continents, and to 90+ countries and counting!
  • 5 of 7 New World Wonders!
  • the top of the Alps, Andes, Atlas Mountains...and Everest Base Camp!
  • 110 ft below the ocean's surface in a submarine.
  • zero gravity on NASA's "Vomit Comet"!
  • missions with special operation units and special agents! 
  • swim with Whale Sharks, SCUBA with barracudas, skydive out of perfectly good planes, surfed the wind, the waves, and even volcanoes!

Check out the map below to see some highlights of customer submissions.

Wazoo Worldwide Track Map 


Look below for some missions to strive for, but don't let this limit your creative exploration! You're welcome to submit other notable places and activities you've taken your WAZOO gear to. 

Get out there, go on adventures, take pictures, and send them over! We'll be rewarding cool pictures with gear, gift cards, and raffle entries.

Missions Unaccomplished:

Lofty Locations

  • North Pole
  • South Pole
  • The Seven Summits (Mt. Everest Summit, Aconcagua, Denali, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus, Mt. Vinson, Mt. Kosciusko)
  • In a submarine
  • In Space


  • Northern Lights

New World Wonders

  • Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Taj Mahal
  • Christ the Redeemer


  • Tough Mudder/Survival Run/etc
  • Marathon
  • Iron Man
  • Thru-hike Appalachian Trail/Pacific Crest Trail
  • Climbing El Capitan
  • In a major motion film
  • Chernobyl


  • On an Olympian Gold Metalist
  • On an Astronaut
  • Celebrities
  • On a US Congressman, Cabinet member, ambassador, or other country political figure

Your next Adventure...

  • ???


  1. Take photo or video of your Wazoo gear in/on/under/over/in front of/behind something cool (like one of the above mentioned scavenger hunt items)
  2. Wazoo products, packaging, or even sticker qualify
  3. Submit the photos via email (scavengerhunt@wazoogear.com) or hashtag #wazooscavengerhunt on Instagram
  4. Wazoo gear item must be clearly displayed
  5. Any suspicion of photoshopping will disqualify photo
  6. Challenge yourself. Challenge your friends. Have fun!