Core Values are not just stuffy corporate jargon; they are the lifeblood that infuses energy, direction, and a whole lot of pizzazz into everything we do at Wazoo.

We thought it wise to share with our customers the Core Values of Wazoo since these are what helps bring our business to life. The Core Values below are our guiding principals and help us navigate complex situations while keeping our identity and culture at the forefront of everything we do.



As creators of gear that enhance your everyday capabilities, it should be no surprise that this is our first Core Value. We believe in challenge oneself, being a problem solver, and getting out of ones comfort zone. In doing so, confidence will build and new opportunities will arise, allowing us to keep doing more, everyday.


Always look beyond yourself and strive to provide value to those around you. Why not use your unique set of skills to better your team, friends, family, community, or whomever you consider part of your ‘tribe.’


Never stop learning. We've made it a priority to provide continuing education opportunities a backbone of our company culture. From seminars to field courses, we believe that employees should be able to pursue learning that intrigues them, empowers them step out of their comfort zone, ask hard questions, and stay curious.



We only get one short life and it's our job to make the most of it. And it's for this reason that we focus on the value of our output rather than the hours we put in. Got your stuff done? Go have fun.


As a small business our resources are almost always limited so it's important that we make the most of what we've got. Some projects require just an MVP, others, not so little. So managing our resources requires us to get creative sometimes, rather than throw in the towel.


We don't want our impact on the world to be in the form of tons of plastic debris and landfill material. It's for that reason that we have undertaken a full packaging redesign for our products over the last two years. What we've done is 1. Minimized the amount of material used, keeping our packaging small and simple 2. Minimized the use of harsh chemicals by using naturally colored kraft material and 3. Made the packaging from 100% recycled material.

We now pride ourselves in the fact that our products last lifetimes, but not our packaging!



Sometimes it's hard to not look at what other brands are doing and try to emulate them. However, in a world of sensationalism, frauds, and digital facades, we decided it's better to just be real! There’s no truer way to live than when your words, actions, and values align.


Honesty is the key to building trust. We'll never sugar coat any of the features of our products, lie about the quality of materials, and even tell you why something costs as much as it may. It’s through open, honest (and respectful) communication that we gather valuable feedback, reflect, and improve.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Everything we do as business is done with a moral compass as our guide.



To be a successful small business you have to work hard. And yes, sometimes work takes up significantly more time than recreation, leaving us feeling imbalanced. So we like to leave those days with the mindset of work hard, but the time has come to play harder.


Happiness is a key component of everything we do. We get to choose how we navigate life, so why not put a positive spin on things when possible. Find joy in the little moments, laugh often, and let a life of happiness show via the crow’s feet and smile lines on your wrinkled old face.


Never overlook the value of a well-timed dad joke or butt pun. If the people around you roll their eyes and groan, you know we know we did it right!