Size Guides

Cache Belt Size Guide

Our Cache Belt™ sizing corresponds to US Pant Size. Those who fall towards the smaller end of a Cache Belt™ size, will have a longer 'tail' length at the end of their belt when wearing it. We've also listed out the total Cache Belt length and pocket length for each size belt for more effective sizing.

Measuring your actual waist size will help you in choosing the correct size belt, if you're unsure. Ideally, use a cloth measuring tape or cord to find the circumference of your actual waist or hips size while wearing pants. Once you determine your measured waist or hips size, closely reference the size chart below to find the size belt that will be the perfect fit.

Unsure whether to measure your waist or hips? Our handy Sasquatch diagram shows exactly where to measure on your body, depending on what height you wear your pants around your torso.

Bracelet Size Guide

Please refer to the image below for instructions on how to measure your wrist size. Wrist size measurement and corresponding bracelet size can be found on the chart below.