SKILL Series

The SKILLSeries.LIVE is an interactive project hosted by Georgia Bushcraft and WAZOO to share knowledge from subject matter experts so we can all learn and live more independent lives, together!

The live classes are temporarily on hold but you can still access all the prior class videos below.


Recent Classes:

Andrew Duran
Image with textPackrafting 101

From ice climbing and avalanche rescue, to skydiving, paragliding, wildland fire fighting, surfing, and ultramarathon running, it's clear that Andrew knows adventure! He's joining us on this week for a crash course in packrafting because once you have a boat in your backpack, there's very little that can stand in your way! 

Follow Andrew and his adventures on instagram @flamingoflowerz and the best packrafts out there @kokopellipackraft

Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen
HAM Radio 101

Mark is the professional Medicine Man behind the new Medicine Man Plant Co., an avid outdoorsman, herbalist, and post-apocalyptic fanatic. He's the author of Idiots Guide Foraging, co-designer of the Wazoo Forging Bandana, and runs (probably THE BEST foraging resource available, regardless of where you live). Mark is back to introduce us to the world of HAM Radio and its application in living a more independent and self-reliant life.

Shane Adams
PMA - The Cornerstone Of Life

Shane has spent the vast majority of his life in the mountains of North Georgia and according to him, his official title is "Marketing Director/Utility Player" for ESEE Knives/ Randall's Adventure & Training. Whether he's cycling, backpacking hunting, fly fishing, or whitewater kayaking, it's obvious that he enjoys spending time outdoors. But when things go sideways, it's Shane's training and certifications as a Wilderness First Responder, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue, and NASAR SARTech I that show he knows how to respond effectively and keep his cool. We'll be discussing Positive Mental Attitude with Shane and learn why he considers it to be the cornerstone of life!

Craig Caudill
5 Knots To Know

Craig is the Owner/Director of Nature Reliance School, an author of three successful backcountry skills books, a podcaster and a Youtuber. He has taught survival and backcountry skills to thousands of people and dozens of federal, state and local government agencies including US Special Forces, Search and Rescue teams and everything in between. He's a knot nut and he's back to share his top 5 knots that you need to know!

Philip Liebel
Cherokee Arrows

Largely inspired by his Native American heritage, Phil spends a lot of time in the wild with minimal gear to further his connection with nature and believes it is important for everyone to connect with their ancestors through primitive skills. He is the owner and lead instructor at Primitive Wilderness Survival and teaches the primitive portion of the Pathfinder Instructor Course. He has taught alongside (and learned from) many of the greatest instructors on the planet and put his skills to the test in the Canadian Arctic for a month on “Alone: The Beast” (yet to air). In this class, Phil will walk us through the process of making arrows from natural materials and cover fundamental skills such as straightening, fire hardening, lashing, notching, and more. 

Andrew Heath
Self Mapping 101

An Instructor with the Pathfinder School, Andrew Heath, will be teaching Self Mapping techniques like the P.A.U.L. method which is a quick nav “hack” for being able to scout an area.

Jeb Haber
Leatherworking 101

Jeb Haber is the founder and designer behind a DIY craft kit and supply company called TogetherMade. His professional background is in program management and artificial intelligence, but his passion is creating with his hands and teaching wood and leather craft. In 2018, after years as a hobbyist and enthusiast, Jeb started designing and manufacturing high end craft kits as TogetherMade with the goal of introducing others to the joy and beauty of quality handmade goods. Join us live as Jeb introduces us to the world of leatherworking.

Casey Culver
Campfire Cooking

As President and Pit Master at his family owned and award winning Smokey C’s BBQ and Wings in Decatur Alabama, he's no stranger to good smoky cooking. As an avid backpacker, member of Randall’s Adventure and Training Search and Rescue Team (RATSAR) and all round adventurer, Casey spends a lot of time in the outdoors. These two passions combined to form a company called Red Eyed Hog that creates specialty products and seasonings for campfire cooking. Join us live as Casey shares key tips and tricks developed over a decade of open-fire cooking. 

Dr. Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen
Foraging 101

Mark is the professional Medicine Man behind the new Medicine Man Plant Co., an avid outdoorsman, foraging instructor, and herbalist. His Ph.D. in Chemistry allows him to really get down in the "weeds" of the science behind plants, their compounds, and their effects on the human body. He's the author of Idiots Guide Foraging, co-designer of the Wazoo Forging Bandana, and runs (probably THE BEST foraging resource available, regardless of where you live). He's here with us to drink some coffee and introduce you to the world foraging and what you may already have growing in your back yard!

Brett Bray
Brewing 101

Even though he has worked 12 years in emergency medicine and 6 years at NASA’s Human Research Facility, it's really Brett's degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Molecular Cell Biology that has put Fetching Lab Brewery at the front of the pack! He's joining the SKILLSeries.LIVE to share his knowledge and 20+ years of brewing experience to teach you the processes, fundamentals, and the fine balance of science and art involved. If you've ever considered home brewing, you won't want to miss this class.

Beau Harger
Widlife Tracking

Beau Harger is a compounding pharmacist by profession and an avid outdoorsman in his spare time. He learned the art of tracking through one of the very few tracking "Specialists" in the United States. He has earned a Level 3 certification in “Track and Sign” (and currently pursuing his Specialist designation) through the Cybertracker Evalutation System, a standard developed in South Africa to evaluate a tracker's proficiency. He has a passion for teaching tracking and regularly offers classes through local nature centers and survival schools. Beau's other outdoor interests include bird and big game hunting, shooting sports, retriever training, and wilderness survival skills. He is also responsible for helping to bring Wazoo's Tracking Bandana to life!

Carleigh Fairchild

Her epic survival, showcased on Season 3 and 5 of Alone on HISTORY, brought Carleigh into the spotlight. She has been passionate about basketry for 20 years, exploring different techniques and materials, and always adapting to whats on hand (her craftiness with natural materials is truly something to behold!). In this SKILLS class, she will explain some of the basic techniques and various materials you can use to get started crafting your own baskets.

Jason Chapman
Trapping 101

With more than 20 years in the nuisance wildlife control industry, owner of Predator Control Services, LLC and full-time trapper, Jason Chapman shares his knowledge and experience to introduce you to the world of animal trapping. 

Stephan Fowler
5/12 - Blacksmithing Basics

American Bladesmith Society Journeyman Smith, Forged in Fire contestant, and knife designer, Stephan Fowler will introduce you the world of Blacksmithing. The skill, the tools, and the art of the craft. You can find more from Stephan at

Joe Flowers
5/7 - Machete Mayhem

Joe Flowers is a man of many hats.  He owns and started a company where he brings people down to South America on knife and machete based survival adventures with indigenous tribesmen, called Bushcraft Global.  Joe writes for a myriad of magazines and publications, and contributes regularly to the outdoor community, concentrating in woodcraft and primitive living. His knowledge of outdoor gear led to consulting on equipment design and function for many companies including Condor where he  has designed over 100 knives,  and also consults and works with  TOPS Knives and other companies.  Joe holds a degree in Zoology with a minor in Entomology, and researches heavily into all things outdoors. Joe is an avid naturalist, hunter, fisherman, herpetologist, videographer, beekeeper, knife thrower, guide, and regularly travels internationally in search of knife knowledge and unique animals

Tyler White
5/5 - Friction Fire 101

Tyler operates in the full spectrum of survival skills ranging from top of the line gear and modern equipment in a military environment to running around in the desert in a loin cloth. His diverse skill set gives him a unique perspective on many things, but today he'll be discussing the fundamentals of making fire by friction.

Zachary Fowler
4/30 - Slingshots 101

Well known for winning History Channel's Alone, Season 3 and his hit YouTube Channel, Fowler's Makery and Mischief, Zachary Fowler will introduce you to the world of slingshots.  He'll be discussing shapes, sizes, bands, ammo, techniques, and common mistakes to get you started on the path of mischief! 

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