Adventure Bracelet - The Pinnacle Of Paracord Survival Bracelets

There is a natural progression to life and evolution. The feature-packed Adventure Bracelet put us on the map and was our keystone product for years but it has now gone the way of the Dodo. The Cache Belt™ offers even more tools, more versatility, more accessibility, and more usability at nearly the same price point! 

Paracord bracelets have been retired.

Adventure Paracord survival kit bracelet

As we continued to design and develop wearable tool kits, the most common question was "how do I put it back together after I take it apart to get to the tools inside?" The analogy we used to explain this was that it's more like an airbag in a car; it's there to save your life when you need it, but you gotta hire a professional to put it back in.

Adventure Bracelet paracord survival kit components broken down


On September 20, 2016 the Cache Belt™ launched on Kickstarter. It was intended to be an addition to the Wazoo lineup. Unexpectedly, it became the meteor that drove paracord bracelets into extinction. 

The Wazoo crew wore our bracelets on a daily basis (every day) until one day we realized we didn't.  We had organically phased out wearing bracelets as we developed and integrated the Cache Belts™ into our daily attire. The Cache Belts™ allow the ability to store more tools, that are more readily accessible, and offers nearly limitless personalization with the ability to add and remove tools as you see fit (addressing another common question of "Can you add _____ to my bracelet?")

The Cache Belt™ now comes in an assortment of colors and sizes with options to add Cache Kits™ specifically designed to disappear inside. It has spawned a whole community of Cache Wear™ Owners sharing stories, customizations, and load-outs. 

Cache Belt wearable modular tool kit

 For the sake of comparison, here is our 23-Tool Adventure Survival Kit that can fit in the Cache Belt™.

Micro survival kit that can fit in a belt

The Cache Belt™ kicked off the next evolutionary step in everyday carry (EDC) tools and wearables. We're now actively expanding our line of Cache Caps™ as another option for a modular wearable tool system that is also capable of incorporating every component of the Adventure Kit shown above. 

Cache Cap hats with hidden pockets and morale patch panel

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  • Jason

    I understand switching from the bracelet to belt/hat for survival storage. I have 2 belts and a hat. I still miss the bracelet and having something on my wrist. Your company made the best bracelets and I can’t find anything as good out there. If you do come back with a limited run can you please email me as I will buy a few to last me some time. Thanks

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