FireCard ™ | A Credit Card Size Fire Starter

After being asked one too many times for gift cards that folks could give as gifts, but sticking to our obsession of making "everything functional", we released the Burnable Gift Card in Dec 2014.

Here's the original video:




Then, in September 2018, we decided to improve the capability of the burnable card format, and partnered with our friends at Procamptek. The have a special process that penetrates their proprietary flammable formula deep into medium, such as our wooden cards. This extended the burn time and intensity of the cards many times over and really took the, now called, Burnable Business Card, to a whole new level.

Here's a demonstration video of the updated coated version: 

Now, we've taken it a step further. Whereas the previous versions were more of "Kindling Card" because they needed an intermediary tinder to ignite, our newest version ignites with a spark! Just shave/scrape and spark!

Check it out!




  • Aaron Panietz

    Can’t wait to see some of these arrive!

  • John Meeker

    This card is just cool. I mean hot. What I mean is I think I’ll put in my new cap. This might cache on. Thanks.

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