Live & Free! | Online FlintKnapping class with Justin Cook


Also, will be hosted Live on our Facebook Page!  

While brainstorming how we could be "part of the solution" during this time of being quarantined, one of the ideas was to host online events so that we could enable skill-learning and community in this time of bored and isolation.

This first class will be with our good friend, Justin Cook, of Wayback Wilderness, who among having many other talents and skills is an incredible flintknapper, but even more importantly, a great teacher of flintknapping.

Justin's style of teaching flintknapping is refreshing and approachable. Too often with learning new skills, it's overwhelming.

What tools do I need?

How much do they cost?

Where do I get materials?

Where can I go to learn more?

Within one minute of Justin's class you realize that it's a hobby that is both practical to learn and therapeutic. And while the sky is the limit, the learning curve isn't that steep. 

Often, Justin will start a class with 2 stones in his hand and say, "Let's say I need a knife right now?" He then bangs one into the other, knocking off a shard of stone. Holding it up, "There's a knife as sharp as any razor blade!" And then he proceeds to slice pieces off of a thick cowhide leather to hammer his point home.


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