Live your life - Write your story

Imagine your life has just come to an end and your life story is being turned into a book. The final chapter of your book has just been written. How would you want your story to read? How would you be remembered? Would your story be one of love and compassion? Action and adventure?  Maybe it's a story of overcoming overwhelming odds. Hopefully, there are some deeply memorable moments in there, some real page-turners! Some defining points that show off your core values and what you stand for.

Pause for a moment. Close your eyes, and really envision how you want your story to go. 

Now live it! Treat life as the story it is and you get to be the author and main character. It's entirely up to you how your story goes. Imagine how you'd want your story to read and strive every day to live that story!

The Challenge 

I'm as guilty as any for getting consumed by my never-ending to-do list and letting absurd amounts of time drift away by without stopping to take a breath and enjoy where I am. Being a part of the Wazoo community is being a part of a group striving to live life to its fullest.

Your challenge this week is to do something that will end up in your book.

It's not about selling everything and going to live in the woods. I mean, if you really want to, that's freaking awesome and more power to you! For the rest of us, it doesn't have to be huge, it doesn't have to be extravagant. Just make it an experience you'll remember and strive to be present in that moment.
Maybe you take your significant other out for a meal and truly focus on learning more about them. Maybe you take a painting class you've been considering. Maybe you take a weekend road trip to break up your normal routine. Maybe you introduce your kids to camping, even if it's just in the back yard. 

The Everyday

95% of our lives will likely be made up of little everyday moments punctuated with 5% of the big adventures and truly epic stories. The goal here is to learn to incorporate these little moments into your story. How will they be remembered? Treat every day and every interaction as its own adventure. Imagine it's being narrated if that helps. After all, you can't live life to its fullest if you're only focused on that last 5%.

The Exception

Since it's Columbus Day, let's take a look at the exception to writing your own story. Christopher Columbus went into our history books as a brave hero and explorer, but apparently it was all a fictional twist coursey of Washington Irving, the author of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow.
This quick 5-minute video tells the story better than I could:
Remember, we all have the power to write our own stories and we should all strive to live it how we'd write it. But should we live a life noteworthy enough, there's nothing stopping someone else from re-writing it years after we're gone.
Here's to hoping we may all be as lucky as Columbus if someone retells our story!
  -Nick & The Wazoo Crew


  • Lisa Coloma

    Love your message about the little moments. It really got me thinking that a lot of those moments are really important in shaping who we are. For example, integrity. It’s said that integrity can be measured by how you behave when nobody is watching. If you’re true self isn’t aligned with what you allow everyone else to see, you’re going to disappoint people in your relationships. Just like a cheap Chinese trinket, it looks good in the picture and the price is fantastic, but what you really get is a cheap imitation and it breaks easily, having no integrity. Oh, if only our forefathers had it. Thanks for the moment of clarity!

  • James McFarland

    writing the never ending story now it ends when I am dead

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