Meet Jeb | Maker of the new Leather Cache Patch™

 This is Jeb.

Jeb inspecting leather patch.

Jeb made these.

Handcrafted Leather Patches

Jeb also makes a Journal Kit that teaches leatherworking.

TogetherMade custom leather journal.

I made one from a custom kit he made. One could say, we made it together. Jeb calls this co-creative process TogetherMade. I learned how to properly Saddle Stitch and even wrote the draft to this blog post in my new journal.

TogetherMade journal open to show blog post draft.

TogetherMade and WAZOO have also made something else together, The Leather Cache Patch™

The Leather Cache Patch™ is a very similar patch design to our original vinyl Cache Patch™, except it is made leather.

It has an access slit in the back and unique, custom-designed hidden void to stash small tools and cash. Intentionally designed to look like a common morale patch, it provides a small stealthy storage spot in the last place someone would look, in plain sight. Additionally, it's a beautifully handcrafted leather patch that, on its own, is an heirloom piece thanks to the pride and hard work by Jeb.

Here are some more photos of the making of the Leather Cache Patch™.

 Laser engraving custom leather Cache Patches.Custom morale patch being assembled.Marking leather patch to sew.Sewing morale leather morale patch.Holding burnished leather Cache Patch.Putting saddle soap on custom leather patch.Jeb admiring the handmade leather patch.Leather morale patch in custom envelope.

Jeb and his team did a great job making these custom leather Cache Patches. Thanks, Jeb! 

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