Memorial Day - How to Honor the Fallen

As a small business, we're pressured into running sales this weekend to keep up with the herd but as we mentioned earlier this year, 2019 is a mentality shift for us. 

We are not running Memorial Day Sales this year. 

Instead, we're issuing a challenge! 

This is such an emotional day for many military families. Every family will reflect in their own ways and if you're on the outside looking in, it's impossible to know the right thing to say. 

I came across this image and it really resonated with me. I'm sure there are many adaptations of this but I couldn't seem to find an original to attribute the quote to.

The Challenge:

It's not about what we say to honor the fallen, it's about what we do. Actions will always speak louder than words but this time the challenge is to strive to be a person worth defending. 

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers have given their lives so that you can live the life you're living right now! As you sit there reading this email, do a little self-reflection. It kinda makes all the petty stuff melt away. 

Do you think these soldiers gave their lives so you could have the latest phone or the fanciest suit? 

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself "what would you be willing to give your life for?" (or better yet, ask a soldier) and keep those values at your core. 

Become someone worth fighting for! 

That is how you honor the fallen.

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