Mystery Customer Offers Unbelievable Honor to Our Office

This is why we do what we do!

Warning: Overuse of loosely relevant Chameleon images employed below

Today we received a very interesting letter in the mail... 

It came from an overseas embassy...;

Uh oh, what did we do this time!?!;

One of the Wazoo Crew just got back from a trip to Cuba and possibly didn't exactly and perfectly meet the newly complicated travel rules set by the Trump administration. 

Surely, experiencing and being inspired by the thousands of beautiful American cars frozen from the time when American car design was innovative, edgy, and mattered is not worth one's freedom?

Will Wazoo be OK without [name redacted] while he/she is serving time behind bars?

Hallelujah! God bless America! Down with Communism! It's actually a handwritten letter from a repeat customer!

An unnamed customer wrote a 1-page long letter praising our products and how they have stood up to their travels and necessary greyman job requirements. The letterhead and business card are both sourced "Embassy of the United States of America".

"You guys make world class products which I have tested in multiple environments, across multiple borders...Most my work is done in plain clothes so the ability to have your items on my person across any social setting, travel through custom's checks and conceal your items in various kinds of shoes, jackets, pants, etc... means I always have them with me. I really do appreciate your products!"

They went on to offer us an incredible privlege... 

Flying a flag on behalf of Wazoo at the overseas U.S. embassy!

"...I would like to do something for your office. I will have a flag flown over the U.S. Embassy here in [REDACTED] and certified with a certificate..."

What, is this a cruel joke?! Because it seems too cool to be true! 

We've had customers send us 6-packs of craft brew, challenge coins, rare bills, and bizarre hand-drawn pictures, but this has got to be the biggest honor yet!

[Editor's Note: All above mentioned gifts are still very much legal tender in Wazookastan. Send away!]

Now, all we have to do is request a certain date for it to be flown that is significant for Wazoo...

Any recommendations?


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