New Collabs for April!

We've been so fortunate to have forged so many friendships in our community over the years and decided we really wanted to work, not just play, with some of our favorite brands. Although we have more than enough things on our plate right now, we decided it was worth it to push forward with a few of these new product collaborations, if it meant we got to see our friends...or we mean create some cool new products. After not many re-designs, minute-long Google Meets, and late-night scribbles on rocks, here are the new designs we're excited to roll out.

ESEE x Wazoo

Unfortunately due to the policy of Facebook and Instagram (AKA Meta) that all knives are labeled as "weapons" and as such, they any company selling knives on their website will get banned from doing any advertising on those platforms. However, we really wanted to leverage our relationship with ESEE Knives, and are proud to release the: 

ESEE x Wazoo Pry Bar

  • Made in the USA!
  • Backed by ESEE's insane No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes 3 optional breakpoints indicated with dotted line guides 
  • Comes pre-installed with extension tip: to remove, simply stab tip into hard object (like tree or 55 gallon barrel) and apply extreme longitudinal forces along the weakest portion of the blade *cough* I mean, pry bar.

LT Wright x PNW x Wazoo

We are especially excited about our three-way collab with our friends at LTWright Knives and PNW Bushcraft. To be honest, we were pretty jealous about the budding romance we saw happening between the two, and after their collab on the new multifunctional EDC Waxed Canvas Travel Tray / "Sheath Pants", we knew we wanted to join the party- the pants party! And we created the perfect accessory for every pair of pants.

LT Wright x PNW x Wazoo Blade Cache Belt

  • Same great capability as our human Cache Belt, but now for your blade too
  • Adjustable to most LT Wright knives

Tuff Possum Gear X Wazoo

I, Dustin, have been loving my Tuff Possum Gear Pocket Possibles Pouch but recently it came up missing. And sadly I have a sneaky suspicion that it was stolen. So I've been brainstorming how I can incorporate an awesome Tuff Possum Gear pouch back in my life and eliminate that risk from happening again.

After minutes and minutes of thinking about it, it finally pounced on me, and I'm so happy Jayberry (the owner of Tuff Possum Gear) was equally stoked about the idea!

Tuff Possum Gear X Wazoo Actual Possum Pouch

  • Expandable pocket to load out all your EDC gear
  • Includes Prehensile Locking Lanyard that can be attached in a variety of positions and virtually any thing so you can hang up your A.P.P. for easy storage and security
  • Optional Upgrade: Certifiable as an Emotional Support Pouch so you can take it through security without it being checked by pesky T.S.A.
  • *Size and color may vary

Our buddy Cambo sporting the A.P.P.


  • Benjamin Somoza

    You guys did one thing right with the paracord but it’s too thick to work with to use everyday and instead of innovating and expanding that product, you move to Colorado from Texas and come up with stuff that seem useless. Essee knife idea is stupid. You guys did nothing to improve it. I have 5 of their knives and now I’ll look elsewhere when I’m in the market for a new knife.

  • Prepping With Sarge

    Is the possum included? And can he be trained to deploy the tactical prybar?
    April 1, 2023

  • Bryce

    Question on the possum pouch… will this fit a raccoon as well?

  • Andre

    Definitely the second, then first, then third. Reasoning is it can be used with Any previous products as sheathe or storage and is easily identifiable as such.
    First one is good but having prybar + breakaway points seems counter intuitive. Third is a neat idea, but very WTF, not a good one to start with.

  • Adam Gorman

    I would like to order a possum pouch. May I please have one in multi-cam? I think you need some Velcro on the pouch opening. And change out the eyes for leds. And maybe another cache section in the butt hole. No Velcro for that one – it’s self closing.
    If you are looking for another collab, I’m in Australia and we have lots of possums here. So if you run out just let me know and I’ll send some over.

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