Outdoor And Survival Gift Guide

The best holiday gifts for an outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) in your family.

We've summarized our most popular stocking stuffers and one-size-fits-all gear in this year's gift guide!

Place your orders by December 15, 2017 to ensure it arrives by Christmas.

Start with a cool head!

After all, who doesn't like hats? I'm sure you all know the person with more hats than they know what to do with, but no matter how many hats they have, they don't have one like this!

This is the Cache Cap™ from Wazoo Survival Gear. We wanted a hat with our logo on it, but we refuse to do anything normal, so we added secret pockets! This survival hat has a total of 6 different areas to store your gear - 3 large pockets in the main body of the hat, a hook and loop closure pocket on the underside of the bill, and 2 slim slots on either edge of the bill that perfectly fit our Ceramic Folding Blade and a Firesteel (not included, but highly recommended)

Get on the cutting edge!

That means getting a Wazoo micro folding knife. The ultimate firesteel striker, box opener, and keychain addition. These tiny little ceramic blades pack a powerful punch! Harder than steel, corrosion-proof, and so small you can store it just about anywhere (Even in your Cache Cap!). Click to learn more.

Stay Sharp! - The power of a viking in the size of dog tag!

Our newest and most popular product - A wearable, multi-function whetstone. Inspired by historical viking designs and modernized to include sharpening tools for serrated blades and fish hooks as well. Whether you're cleaning a deer in the field or cleaning a trout on the river, keep your knives honed to viking perfection.

Give a gift that can save a neck!

These USA-Crafted necklaces are the ultimate wearable fire starters. They are lightweight and low profile but pack the fire-starting power of our firesteel toggle and ceramic striker. Give a gift that'll become an instant favorite for everyday wearable gear. They come in two options:

1) The Firecraft - Modern, high strength materials with a breakaway safety clasp and tinder strand hidden inside the cord itself. 

2) The Bushcraft - Timeless leather design that pays tribute to tradition. 


Didn't see the perfect gift? We have you covered. Send a Kindling Burnable Gift Card and your friends and family can shop for their own everyday carry gear in our store.

Got a Do-It-Yourself-er in your family?

We've got kits for making Pace Counters, Zombie Bracelets, and even a Dog Collar you can wrap with paracord!

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