Our Core Values

Core Values are not just stuffy corporate jargon; they are the lifeblood that infuses energy, direction, and a whole lot of pizzazz into businesses of all sizes.

Core Values also guide us as individuals. They influence our decisions, shape our interactions, and guide us through life, whether we're aware of it or not. Not many people take time to dive into the realm of their own personal core values, but deep down, every person has them. If you haven't distilled what yours are yet, we want to encourage you to do take some time to explore what beliefs and principles you believe are important in the way that you live and work.

If you need a little inspiration, we thought it wise to share the Core Values of Wazoo. Developing and instilling these Core Values in our business helps us navigate complex situations while keeping our identity and culture at the forefront of everything we do.


Step up, take ownership, solve problems
Stay curious and always seek improvement
Look beyond yourself to engage and provide value to your communities/tribe

Focus your time on valuable output rather than hours put in
Resources are limited
Leave the campsite better than you found it

Be authentic 
Do the right thing even when people aren’t watching
Communicate respectfully, openly, and honestly

Work Hard, Play Harder (Life is too short)
Put a positive spin on things
If it’s not fun you’re not doing it right
Learn more about what each of these values means to us as business on our Core Values Page.

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