The Cache Belt™ | Kickstarter | $100K in under 2 Weeks! New Stretch Goal Opened!

Thanks to Kickstarter backer Arby L. for putting us over the $100K Milestone! With all this support, it makes us feel incredibly thankful. What should we send him so we can give back a little bit and say thanks? A Wazoo Survival Bracelet? A Paracord Hide Koozie? A Custom Burnable Business Card with his name on it?

(comment below with creative ideas)

This $100K success comes with a stretch goal achieved and a new one opened up.

We will be giving each backer 1 high-temperature water bag (in addition to any that are coming with your kit). They pack to be the world's smallest 1-Liter water container, so they can be stashed in the belt of course, but likewise, can be stashed in the Cache Cap or even a classic Altoid's Tin-style survival kit. They are a Wazoo original product that we think you'll really like to have an extra of.

With one stretch goal achieved another BIG one has popped up in its place. Secretly, we have been prototyping this one for a while and many of you have been asking about it....

How about...



A Cache Belt option with a D-Ring Cobra Buckle!!!!?

***More details as we get closer!

We still have 32 days left! 32 days of new stretch goals! 32 days of bringing more backers on board this train!

Please share this  Cache Belt™ | from Wazoo Survival Gear project with anyone you know that wears pants and loves adventure!

~ The Wazoo Crew

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