The Cache Belt™ | Overdue Update

Hi everyone!

We should have given you an update a week ago, but we were waiting on the samples to share with you. At this point, we're sure you are tired of getting bad news or hearing that the schedule is pushed back, so we want to make sure we have some solid noteworthy news:


Our new manufacturer has done a great job on the execution of the design of the buckle. We were able to use a thicker material that is going to make the buckles even stronger and all the details (angles, tolerances, dimensions...) have been dialed in.

We've said this before, and we're very sorry if this seems like a remake of Groundhog Day, but we should start production of stamping parts this week.

They estimate the full mass production stamping should take about 20 days before the parts get sent off for plating. We intend to batch these in smaller quantities so we can begin plating some buckles while others are still stamping. We are doing our best to complete this project as efficiently as possible, even if it costs us more in the long run. All of our estimated schedules have come from our manufacturers and we're sorry for any that we have been passed along and then passed by. We know you've been waiting a LONG time and we are ready to begin shipping as soon as we possibly can.


A lot of companies would simply paint the buckles once complete, but we have been working with another plating company to get a more rugged coating. We got lucky and called upon some connections in the knife industry so that the plating is done right. We have a few that we are trying, but the best bet is probably going to be a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. This allows us to actually coat with other metals such as Titanium Carbo-Nitride. This should result in a tougher finish than we had originally planned with electroplating.

Below is a sample they did so that we can torture test while we wait for the production run to the finish.

PVD Titanium Nitride Dark Grey Plating

At the risk of sounding repetitive and cliché, we want you to know that we want nothing more in this world than to get you your belt. Thanks for sticking with us this long. Your patience and understanding have been incredible despite a situation where anger and frustration would be justifiable. Hold on with us a little longer... There's a light at the end of the tunnel, we promise!

~ The Wazoo Crew

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