The Cache Belt™ | We are in the Top 20 Most Popular Projects of Kickstarter!!!

After only 4 days on Kickstarter, here are the numbers and they are UNBELIEVABLE!

  • #17 most popular project out of all 4,402 live projects on Kickstarter!
  • #4 most popular out of all 504 in the Design category
  • Trending toward $600,000 to be the most successful belt on Kickstarter ever!
  • Over $60,000 Pledged already
  • Over 1000 Backers already
  • Over 800% Funded



Can you believe we are #17 of ALL KICKSTARTER PROJECTS? We're at the popular kid's table!!!



#4 of all Projects in Design!


Keep up the conversation!

Please keep the ideas and inquiries coming! Many of you guys/girls are incredibly clever and knowledgable and we're honored to have you as part of this community. We have plans to expand the options for this belt ( did someone just say "Cobra Buckle"?...No? Maybe I just misheard something).

Even though we are showing to be wildly successful so far, please remember we are not even a week into this thing and this is our first Kickstarter, we are still trying to play catch-up and figure things out, so please bear with us if we haven't answered your question or responded to your comment. Ask anyone in the Wazoo Nation, we will take care of you, I promise!

This is just the beginning!

Some of our ranking and trends were actually higher and have started to decline. We started the race way ahead of the pack, but now this is the time we need to keep the pace up or else we are going to lose the lead we've worked so hard for. We're going to need to harness all the horsepower of this community! Mo' money doesn't necessarily mean mo' problems. For the Cache Belt, it means more options, more members contributing to the project, more opportunity to make this project even better!


We need you! And you, and you too! Here at Wazoo, we're doing a lot to get the word out about this project, but it will never be enough. The Cache Belt's success depends on the word-of-mouth marketing from the backers that helped this thing come to life. The real behind-the-scenes heroes of this thing.

Here's some ideas of how you can help spread the word:

  • Do you frequent any Forums or Subreddits,? Start a new thread,!
  • Do you pay attention to any Facebook Pages? Suggest they share this project!
  • Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest much? Hashtag, @, Pin, and repost away!
  • Know any cool websites that like to feature new cool products? Let 'em know!
  • Bored waiting in line at the grocery store and notice that the person in front of you is wearing pants? Tell 'em about a belt they need, the Cache Belt!
  • Pretty much anywhere you find out about new stuff, could be a place to tell others about this project.

Lastly, but foremost... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

From all of us (including Inka), "Thank you!"








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