The Cache Belt™ | We've Got BUCKLES!!!!

We can FINALLY get this project moving again.

We're going to keep this short because we now have a mountain of belt buckles to inspect, prep, and package up with belts.

There is a TON (actually multiple tons) of work to do!

So please, harass us as little as possible over the next 4-8 weeks so we can focus on moving these belts out the door. If you have any need to contact us, please do so by giving us a call 8AM-5PM central time  (281) 846-4633


1) Login to your pledge manager here:

-Log in or request your survey info by entering your email address:

2) Check your Shipping Address and triple check that it is correct.

3) Check your size

-Find out what size you ordered:

-Measure through your belt loops and compare to the chart:

  ***Contact us immediately if anything needs to be updated or changed.***

Stay tuned for further updates.


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