The Cache Belt™ | Why does this update have photos of a burned out office?

Not even 4 months after moving out of Nick's garage and into a spacious air conditioned office/warehouse, we had a bizarre fire burn through our offices...

We know what you're thinking, "Big woop, where's my Cache Belt?" Don't worry, there are updates at the bottom.

So, what does this fire have to do with your belt? A lot actually.

Many of you do not know Wazoo outside of this Cache Belt Kickstarter Project, which is unfortunate because we believe we are much more than another late Kickstarter.

We've been churning out innovative wearable survival kits for a few years, shipping tens of thousands of products to 95+ different countries, and along the way have had our fair share of hurdles and challenges.

You took a chance with us and trusted us to bring you the Cache Belt and we want you to know that when faced with an unfortunate event, we don't wallow around in self-pity. We put on the gloves, get to cleaning up the mess, and get to work to figure out the next plan of attack.

And we like beer. We find it helps the process of healing and rebuilding.

We wanted to use this example to point out how committed we are to making this project a success.

Something will always go wrong (like your buckle manufacturer will repeatedly screw up everything for one of the most important projects of your life). But problems don't open doors for excuses, they offer an opportunity to find solutions, test your team, and build character.

Please do not interpret our take-it-in-stride attitude as not taking this issue seriously. Words cannot begin to describe how being late on delivery of this project has hurt our bottom line, future opportunities, reputation, and more.

But we're here now. And all of our focus is to finish the race and get you your belt at the quality we're all proud of. You will get your Cache Belt, we promise!

*****************CACHE BELT UPDATES*****************

Custom Cobra Buckles are in! Next, we ship these to the cut and sew factory in Colorado to have them sewn into belts.

We're hoping Misty Mountain, famous for their USA-Made climbing harnesses, will also be able to do an extra final heavy-duty bartack on them. Waiting to hear back. 

We're still shooting for shipping next month, June, for the Cobra Buckle version.

The standard Cache Belt with cam buckle is dependent on this new sample.

Our (bad) manufacturer is delivering us an updated version of the sample buckle tomorrow with our requested changes. We will report back how close it is to the final design immediately. If it is good to go, we can begin mass production.

If not, we will have to go with Plan B, C, or D. Yes, we do have backup plans. All bets aren't on this one horse, but if we are forced to dip into our backups, it will cost time. We will keep you posted with any new developments.

Most of the parts for the kits are on the shelf in wait for the buckle!

Adventure and Essentials Kits! Might not look like much, but that's what we do best. Take tools and compact them into tiny packages.

Bitter sweet boxes of belts awaiting buckles.

All belt and no buckle is not a belt, but close!

Here's to trial by fire! CHEERS FROM WAZOO!

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