Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group | Introduction

Who is this Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group you keep hearing about?

According to Flint & Steel:

Flint & Steel CSG is an International collaborative network of independent instructors and schools working together to bring students the best, most local instruction available covering a wide range of skills that are critical to protecting self and family: Emergency, Tactical, Urban, and Primitive Survival; Bushcraft and Wilderness Living; Emergency and Disaster Preparedness; Holistic, Tactical, and Wilderness Medicine; Tactical Training from former Special Operators and Instructors including Rifle, Carbine, Pistol, and Shotgun Marksmanship, Long Range Marksmanship and Sniper Fieldcraft, Dismounted Patrolling, and Small Unit Tactics.

Several of our Instructors are well-known from television shows like “Alone” and “Win, Lose, or Fail” on the History Channel, “Men, Women, Wild” and “Bushcraft Build-Off” on the Discovery Channel, and the “Survival HD” DVD Series produced by The Survival Summit.

Our Tactical Team is made up of former members of Special Operations units including the Army Rangers, Army Special Forces (Green Berets), and US Marine Raiders. Combined they have over 80 years of experience in Special Operations Units and other specialized units in the Private Sector, with collectively over 20 deployments to Combat Zones worldwide.

Collaboration, not competition, is what makes us different. We instantly became one of the largest networks of schools and instructors in the world with 16 Instructors and 12 separate venues spread out across the United States 
as well as 1 location in the UK.

They are moving fast and seem to be everywhere right now. To keep up with their latest events and content:

Flint & Steel Website 

Flint & Steel Facebook Page

Flint & Steel Facebook Group

Flint & Steel Instagram


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