Flintlock SouthEast by Flint & Steel | Less Than 3 Days To Grab 40% Off Tickets to


We're going, what's your excuse?

Only a few days left to to take advantage of this deeply discounted event. GO HERE to reserve your tickets now.

Haven't heard of Flint & Steel yet?

Where have you been? Hiding in your Wickiup?...Oh, that's  Kau'i Morehead! Offgrid tracking wild cats? Oh nevermind, that's Cat Bigney.

Flintlock is the annual Skills Gathering for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group. Our instructors will be coming together from across the United States to bring you the most relevant and valuable skills training gained from decades of teaching in a variety of different environments. Come connect with us, browse the vendors, and get a shot at winning some incredible door prizes from our sponsors.


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