Shot Show 2020

Wazoo's First SHOT Show Booth Appearance 

Though we've walked the show floors in the past, Wazoo's first booth appearance at a Shot Show event came in the form of a one-day Pop-Up Preview at the January 2020 show. Here's the quick and dirty rundown:


We typically prefer to spend our time in the woods so, Las Vegas took a little getting used to. Dustin found some downtime to try his hand at some gambling but seeing that he came into work after the show, we have to assume he didn't hit the big jackpot.
Vegas slot machine


We had an all-new layout focused cleanly and solely on the Cache Wear™ and Cache Kits™ (leave us a comment below to let us know what you think of it). These items are some of our best sellers but have still barely begun to scratch the surface of their capabilities. Wearable tools directly integrated into your daily apparel is the future of everyday carry (EDC)! Cache Wear™ is modular, made to be adaptable to city wear, survival gear, travel necessities, and nearly any other application.
Wazoo Shot Show booth at the 2020 Pop-up Preview


The Pop-Up Preview area attracts a lot of attention since that's where the scrappy up-and-coming companies get to fight their way into the show. They give an unusually tiny space to set up and only a single day to show the wares. It was a madhouse but we managed to squeeze in quite a few interviews throughout the day. 
Interview with Wazoo survival at shot show
The interview in this photo was with Bryan from Survival On Purpose that should be airing soon!

Trying New Things

After years of wearing Cache Wear™, we've become accustomed to a lightweight, agile, and capable lifestyle. We tried to swap to a backpack but for some reason, it just felt bulky and unruly in comparison. 
How a backpack feels compared to ultralight Wazoo everyday carry Cache Wear


One of our favorite parts of trade shows like these is getting to meet other like-minded people in the industry. Whether it was catching up with old friends like Zach Fowler of and Rob, owner of Exotac.
Dining in vegas with friends
Dustin showing off matching Cache Caps™ with Dave Canterbury of
Dave Canterbury and Dustin Hogard Wazoo Cache Cap
Joined our friends at Vanquest Gear for their annual epic team pocket dump! 

Group Pocket Dump EDC
We had so much fun that we've already got our deposit down on a REAL SHOT Show booth for 2021, but that's a whole year away!

There is still a lot for us to do in 2020 with a lot of potential for the growth of Wazoo. Some events on our radar for this upcoming year:
Georgia Bushcraft Gathering 03/27/20 - 03/29/20 Watkinsville, GA
Brewha Bushwhack 04/04/20 Ozark, AR
Flintlock III 04/24/20 - 04/26/20 Hindsville, AR
Overland West 05/15/20 - 05/17/20 Flagstaff, AZ
Blade Show 06/05/20 - 06/07/20 Atlanta, GA
Outdoor Retailer 06/23/20 - 06/25/20 Denver, CO
Pathfinder Gathering 07/09/20 - 07/13/20 Ozark, AR
New England Woodscon 08/08/20 - 08/09/20 Swansea, MA
Overland Mountain West 08/28/20 - 08/30/20 Loveland, CO
Blade West 10/02/20 - 10/04/20 Portland, OR
Overland East 10/09/20 - 10/11/20 Arrington, VA
SHOT Show 2021 01/19/21 - 01/22/21 Las Vegas, NV


Comment and let us know if you'll be getting out to any of these. We probably can't do them all, so it will help us if we know which ones our friends will be attending.

We hope we'll see you at one. Get out there and do more!
We'got 2020 in our sights and we're ready. Are you?

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    Wondering if you would consider doing sportsmen show in Harrisburg pa

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