FEATURE | Modern Pioneer Magazine | August/September 2017 Issue

Our friend, Aikido instructor, and freelance writer, Michael D'Angona recently published an article starting on page 114 of Modern Pioneer magazine. 

The article is entitled "The Chill that Kills: Hypothermia's Cold Hard Facts"

As the title suggests, the article contains factual bits of information regarding cold exposure as it relates to humans.

"Unexpected events like being stranded in the wild, wearing clothing saturated by an unforeseen rainstorm, or accidentally falling into a river or pond can bring on a time-sensitive killer called hypothermia."


"...many people think hypothermia can only happen in artic-style conditions...It only takes a drop in a few degrees [in body temperature] to instigate this deadly condition."

Events can quickly snowball (pun absolutely intended) by the compounded hypothermias effects on the brain. 

"...their bodies proceed to stage two, which is the state of confused thinking and poor decision making... their mental faculties begin to deteriorate. this can lead a person to take risks, which can cause further problems aside from hypothermia's onset. Some people have been known to strip off their clothes during this confused state..."

Escaping the cold can come if different forms

Harnessing your internal heat source (proper layering)

"The preferred method of layering consists of a wicking layer...

External heat source (fire)

"Be sure to carry more than one method to start fire; experts suggest stocking at least five different items... Remember have a back-up for your back-up, and your chances of survival from hypothermia will increase

"This stylish necklace also doubles as a handy fire starter. Secured around your neck you'll always have it nearby and ready to use."

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