FEATURE: Foraging Bandanet in The New York Times

We love seeing folks rocking our gear, but it's especially validating when experts in the field that the product was designed for, adopt one of our labors of love as their own.

The pride is compounded when one of the largest newspapers in the world features your product because an expert said it was one of their favorite pieces of gear. 

The New York Times article entitled, "Alexis Nikole Nelson’s Favorite Foraging Gear"
And on July, 7, 2023, we had just that happen. Alexis Nikole Nelson, AKA @blackforager on Instagram and @alexisnikole on TikTok, included our Foraging Bandanet as one of her favorite pieces of foraging gear in a feature column of Wirecutter in The New York Times.
Foraging Bandanet featured in The New York Times Magazine

We stumbled across Alexis a few years ago on Instagram. Her style of education around foraging resonated with us. She made foraging a blast (seriously, she's a bucket of fun in her videos) and she made it approachable to folks just getting started or really hadn't even considered the activity.

And this has been precisely a goal of ours from the beginning.

When we first started with our first product line of "survival bracelets" the common marketing ploy at the time was to use fear as a tactic. Instead, we opted for a more positive angle of empowerment and encouragement. After 10 years of business, and watching all those doom and gloom companies go under, choosing the high road has turned out to pay off for the long run, and has allowed us to work with some great likeminded glass-half-full people.

Alexis is one of those people. And we're proud, honored, humbled, and elated that she chose of pieces of gear as one of her favorites.

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