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We're honored to have a new thorough review by Leah of Practical Travel Gear of her favorite products of ours. Practical Travel Gear a review based site with 5 writers throughout the USA and Europe.

Leah first heard about us on NPR's radio and podcast segment How I Built This while coming home from a weekend in the mountains. She said that she had also recently returned from Outdoor Retailer in Denver, the largest outdoor recreation expo & conference in the country. She noted that, "while there were survival kits from companies like VSSL, no one had one that was a daily wearer."

This kind of remark makes us smile! Making kits wearable has become our niche forte and we're excited to see when people "get it".

Her picks include the Blackticool Cache Cap, Cache Belt, and Essentials Kit. What is especially interesting is her ideas of gear that fit her personal stashing needs as a:

Mother - "Benadryl, Band-Aids and antiseptic wipes"

Wife - "stored my wedding rings in it while we were out climbing"

Dog-Mother - "Poop bags"

Hiker - "copy of the map and a whistle in the bill pocket"

Traveler - "money, keys, SD media cards, zip ties, copies of travel documents, first aid items, liquid IV drink supplements, medications, etc."

Definitely a quick article worth looking at to get your creative-cache gears turning!

Check it out HERE!

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