FEATURE | Survivor's Edge Magazine 4-Page Spread

"The way is Wazoo and the time is now."


[Mic drop]




Woah. What a way to bring in the new year with a bang!

2018 is starting out with a big feature from our friends at Survivor's Edge Magazine. If you've just crawled out of your underground apocalypse bunker and are unfamiliar...

Survivor's Edge is an outdoor magazine dedicated to providing real world-focused disaster and survival tips, home defense tactics, self defense skills and more. Learn how to prepare for weather emergencies, evacuations, man-made disasters and other unexpected events. Prepper fitness, skills and supplies are essential for survival. Survivor's Edge is the go-to guide on all the knowledge you need to stay alive. Are you ready?

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Written by Ryan Lee Price, the article covers several of our products including:

Opening photo of Wazoo Survival Gear:

Review of the latest "must have" products from the team at Wazoo Survival Gear. Descriptions of the new Black Cache Cap with hidden pockets, Cache Belt money belt with accessible hidden pouches, and the stylish Whetstone and Fire Starter Necklaces all built to save your Wazoo. 

To see all the gear for the survivalist in you: Shop for survival gear

Survivor's Edge can usually found at any major magazine seller such as Wal-Mart.

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