FEATURE: Zombies! Magazine, Spring 2014

Although we do offer zombie themed products, we're proud that our Adventure has been adopted by the zombie apocalypse community.

Here's an excerpt from the Spring 2014 Zombies! Survive Buyer's Guide:

"When fleeing the undead horde, traveling light is crucial, and a paracord bracelet makes that easy! A paracord bracelet on its own has a myriad uses, and this bracelet ups the ante with a total of 18 cleverly integrated survival tools for first aid, navigation, building shelter and many more functions."
Zombies Magazine Spring 2014 Wazoo Survival Gear Adventure Bracelet

Are die-hard fans (pun intended) of The Walking Dead called "Walking Deadheads?" 

Zombies Magazine Spring 2014 - Collector Cover 1


The below 2/2 "Collector Cover" was actually recovered from our fire that burned down our offices, see HERE. You might can notice the smoke and water damage it sustained, but there's no denying that it's a survivor! Make sure you stock up on these Zombies! magazines just in case you're ever caught in a fire you can cover yourself in a magazine suit and take advantage of their mystical fire retardant qualities.

Zombies Magazine Spring 2014 collector's cover 2

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