Wazoo Partners with The Grommet

Today (Nov 17, 2015) our partnership with The Grommet went live. Here's the direct link: https://www.thegrommet.com/wazoo-survival-gear


If you're not familiar with The Grommet, here's a snippet from Wikipedia:

The Grommet is a Product Launch Platform for early-stage consumer products that partners with independent makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs to launch a new product every weekday at 12 noon EST. The Grommet discovers, evaluates, and selects products and has helped more than 2,000 companies across 20 categories reach consumers through its curation, storytelling, e-commerce, marketing, and fulfillment management.

For us, the Grommet is offering many opportunities. A carefully crafted message to a broader audience than we currently have access to. This is important for a business like ours, after all, we're not marketing experts, we're product designers with a passion. Having a team that "gets" the way people experience new brands is hopefully going to lighten our load and allow us to focus on what we do best, innovating new products!

Not only will The Grommet introduce and sale our products to a new audience, but they have offered other tools and services to help a small start-up businesses like ours. The jury is still out if we want to extend our relationship to utilize the other options available as there are certainly some downsides to consider. As always, we will keep you updated with our progress with this opportunity.

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