Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and (Gift) Wrap!

We've always said our field-guide bandanas have 100+ uses so we decided to highlight one of the less common ways to use a Foraging or Tracking Bandana during this holiday gifting season. And that use is for gift wrapping!

Gift wrapping with a Wazoo bandana was inspired by the traditional Japanese Furoshiki wrapping technique. Furoshiki, a practice rooted in elegance, sustainability, and simplicity, involves using cloth to wrap and transport goods and gifts.

This technique aligns perfectly with one of Wazoo's Core Values, Waste Less, as it encourages reducing waste through reusable and sustainable packaging. By choosing to wrap your gifts in our bandanas, you're not just offering a unique and personalized gift; you're also making a conscious choice to minimize environmental impact and showcase this multi-functional accessory!

In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to transform our beautifully designed bandanas into an eco-friendly and stylish wrapping solution. Follow along on this simple, yet creative journey to elevate your gift-giving experience and reduce waste. After all, what could be cooler than wrapping gifts in a gift?! 


Start with gathering some awesome gifts to wrap!
Awesome gifts from Wazoo for bandana Furoshiki step 1


Remove one of the bandanas from it's packaging, completely unfold it, and lay it out flat, face down. Place your gifts in the center of the bandana on a diagonal. Then fold the top corner down and tuck it under the gifts.
Wazoo Bandana Furoshiki step 2


Fold the bottom corner up to remove excess material.
Wazoo Bandana Furoshiki step 3


Fold the bottom flap snugly over the top. If it sticks out past the top and overhangs the gift, go back to Step 3 and fold the material up a little further.

Wazoo Bandana Furoshiki step 4


Fold each side together and bundle them to be tied.
Wazoo Bandana Furoshiki step 5


Tie a square knot with the ends.
Wazoo Bandana Furoshiki step 6 square knot


If you prefer a more traditional gift look, rather than tying a knot in the bandana itself, neatly fold the bottoms and secure it with some jute twine.
Wazoo Bandana gift wrapping alternative with natural cord
There you have it! A gift that's guaranteed to bring smiles at any gathering!

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