40% OFF! EJ "Skullcrusher" Snyder's new Ultimate Bug-in and Home Defense just released!

EJ Snyder teaching bug-in and survival

EJ Snyder has become a good buddy over the years and we're happy to help highlight his new educational series film Ultimate Bug-in and Home Defense Guide.

It's available in USB Drive, DVD, or online streaming.

Order HERE

This new video covers:

  • Introduction to "bugging in"
  • Home security & The 5 D's of Home Defense
  • Bugging in VS Bug Out
  • P.A.C.E. (Primary Alternative Contingency Emergency) Planning
  • Everyday Carry considerations
  • Communications
  • Setting up Caches (*not Cache™ Gear...maybe on a future video ;) )
  • Escape Plans
  • Overland Rigs and Vehicle Preparedness
  • Networking & Community
  • ...and more!

Being self-reliant and capable means being prepared for the unexpected. This is the mission that founded Wazoo and it's the mission of this new video by EJ. In this case, it will focus on the theme of how to keep your home safe from the all-too-common home invasion to natural disasters, civil unrest, and global pandemics, which unfortunately we have seen in the past few years is not some far-fetched zombie apocalypse prepper thing. #snowmageddon #StayHome #BLM #COVID19 

We all hope our homes are always safe havens. But hope is not enough. Just like carrying gear on your person to be able to step up to to any sticky situation that may arise, having your home in order and a plan in place for a threatening event, should be a priority.

If you don't already know who EJ Snyder is, he is known for us stellar military career and success on several popular TV shows.

EJ was an Army Ranger as well as a Ranger Instructor and drill sergeant, and was highly decorated Combat Veteran of 2 Wars, and honorably discharged at the prestigious rank of Sergeant Major (E-9).

On TV, EJ has had an extensive career, especially in the category of survival shows. Some notable television appearances include Dual Survival, First Man Out6 Time Naked and Afraid Legend of Legends.

He's even been ranked "#1 Survivalist in the World" by The Top Tens!


So check out our buddy EJ's new video as well as other amazing Survival Tutorials while you're there.

Go grab yours HERE now!




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