Ambassador Highlight: Zachary Fowler

Zachary Fowler Ambassador

Zachary Fowler AKA Fowler AKA MacFowler has been a buddy of Wazoo’s for several years now. We’ve gotten to watch each other’s brand and teams grow and we couldn’t be more proud of Fowler. Plus, we collaborated on some awesome projects over the years, growing the partnerships between Wazoo + Fowler even more. Here’s some of the fun stuff we’ve done together:

Enough about all the cool stuff we've done together, let's tell you more about Zach!

Zach grew up in Vermont where he spent a lot of his youth outside. As the son of a carpenter, he developed an early love for building and hands-on learning. At the age of 21, he moved to Maine to build wooden boats and hone his craft. The majority of his spare time then was spent off-grid, living in the Maine woods and studying old books on survival and homesteading to maintain his own wild property.

When History Channel’s Alone debuted Zach watched it and found a lot of his learned skills could apply to that environment. He submitted his application to the show and was accepted for their third season. Before he knew it he was on his way to spending what turned out to be 87 days surviving by himself in the wilderness of Patagonia, eating only 63 fish and 2 birds. He emerged from this enormous challenge 73 pounds lighter AND AS THE WINNER, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Zachary Fowler 'Alone' Season 3 Cast Photo

With the million-dollar prize money, he invested in the equipment needed to start a YouTube channel, Fowler’s Makery and Mischief. He now has over 1.25M subscribers that tune in for his weekly videos that teach survival skills, provide entertaining wild adventures, and elaborate slingshot tricks.

Soon after launching his YouTube channel, Wazoo Gear entered his life. At a trade show in 2018, Dustin and Nick (Wazoo Co-Founders) met Zach and formed a fast friendship. Wazoo was one of the first sponsors of his up-and-coming YouTube channel and Zach found himself using the Cache Belt™, Fire Starting Necklaces, and Fire Plug Tinder constantly, both on and off camera.

Wazoo’s gear was used on Day 4 of Fowler’s 7 Day Island Survival Challenge - Maine, a YouTube series that Zach put out in 2021 that now has over 3M+ views!


Wazoo + Zach's partnership has only grown over the last six years with Zach taking Wazoo gear everywhere he’s gone: from Maine to Hawaii, The Canadian Rockies to the Florida Evergreens, and everywhere in between.

In 2021, Zach joined us on our SkillSeries Live to teach a crash course on one of his favorite tools: The Slingshot. The mighty slingshot was Fowler's tool of choice on ‘Alone’—a choice that was inspired by watching survival shows and seeing that contestants never used this deadly yet highly compact weapon.

As of recently, Zach has been constantly working on new adventures and projects on his YouTube channel, Fowler’s Makery and Mischief. This past summer Zach built a pirate ship and survived SEVEN days on it. Taking a little break from adventures, Zach spent this winter finishing up building his off-grid, lakeside, tiny house, but don’t worry, he’ll be back at it this spring with a series of adventures in the backwoods of Florida! Plus, this summer Zach’s launching what he calls “the next, most ambitious WaterWorld yet.” And if you haven't seen the latest WaterWorld 2.0, we highly suggest you check it out here!

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