History and Evolution of the Viking Whetstone Pendant

“Knívleysur maður er lívleysur maður.”

“A knifeless man is a lifeless man.”

~ Faroese Proverb

Is that a fish hook groove? You bet your bass it is!

And it has a rounded edge, a beveled edge, and can still sharpen tools large and small? Yep, glad you axed!

  • World-famous genuine Arkansas Novaculite (99% pure silica), the rarest and finest abrasive stone in existence.
  • Great general purpose fieldstone for edge maintenance. Medium fineness (600-800 relative grit size).
  • Typically, stones in this grade are lily-white in color, however, our manufacturer has been kind in the past to seek out unique colors and patterns especially for us when available. *Sorry, we cannot let people pick colors. Just have to let the stone pick the person.
  • Each stone has been carefully chosen, hand-cut, ground and drilled.
  • Custom Color. We call the rich colored and conditioned leather cord, Antiqued Mahogany Brown.
  • Unique Knot. The “Napoleon Claw” knot is inspired by Viking/Celtic knot-work and is thought to be an otherwise unknown knot before Bart Colosino brought it to our attention.
  • Each whetstone comes with a made-in-the-USA double drawstring muslin bag and each has been hand-stamped with a custom Viking emblem.
  • Stone dimensions: 1.9"L x 1"W x .25"H

In a survival scenario, the #1 resource is your mind. The #2 resource is the tools you have on you. A knife is considered by many as the most fundamental survival tool. To survive, both need to remain sharp.

It is often said that a dull knife is a dangerous knife. A sharp knife is a safe knife. Dull=Dangerous. Sharp=Safe.

Keeping a knife sharp, especially while out in the field, has been an issue since blades were first carried. Over 1000 years ago, Iron Age Vikings actually had a solution to this problem: Whetstone Pendants. A small piece of stone used for sharpening that had a hole so that a leather strap could be tethered.

LEFT: Genuine Viking Whetstone Artifact Circa 800-1500 AD

RIGHT: A fragment of a Roman to Medieval pendant whetstone; Circa 43-1500 AD

Knife Sharpener Necklace That Modernizes a Viking Traditional Tool

We wanted to put a modern twist on this legendary tool so we maintained the original concept but made them in the USA with a USA quarried stone.

It is believed that Vikings suspended these knife sharpening tools from their belt. However, it is not exactly clear, even to scholars, how the Vikings wore these pendants. We laced ours with a versatile, adjustable high-quality leather cord and packed it in a USA-made muslin pouch so you get to choose how to wear it or carry it. Wear it around the neck for the most Ragnariest looking necklace you’ve ever seen, cinch it all the way down so that it can be hitched to your belt or clipped onto your pack, or simply pocket it while still contained in the hand-stamped muslin pouch. 

Whetstones are carved out of large quarried boulders that have to be meticulously culled and examined for type and flaws.

Using a 48" diamond-plated saw, the boulders are processed into more manageable uniform shape and size.


Using mostly custom machines and a lot of hands-on labor, the stones are cut down further, lapped, drilled, ground, and shaped to meet the design requirements.


Each Whetstone Pendant necklace has been hand tied here in the USA!  


For protection and versatility, each Whetstone comes with a muslin double-drawstring bag. Sewn and printed in the USA.

*We understand that it is likely that Vikings never wore horns on their helmets, but it is the most iconic image that is easily recognizable that we could think of to use for the pouch art. We hope the inaccurate depiction in no way discredits the very real usefulness of this modern-day Viking tool.

"Stay sharp out there!"

~ The Wazoo Crew

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