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It should be acknowledged that this is not the first tracking bandana ever made, but hands (paws, hooves, or otherwise) down, it’s the most legitimate! It contains the most accurate tracks available, shown to scale, and includes default gaits for each animal.

Accurate identification and interpretation of animal behavior via track and sign is an outdoor skill that has been all but lost by the average person, even to the most experienced outdoors folks. Learning even the basics of tracking will yield a more enriching awareness of nature as well as a practical tool when your life may depend on it.


Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Domestic Cat, Gray Fox, Red Fox, Nine-Banded Armadillo, Cottontail, Eastern Gray Squirrel, Woodrat, Deer Mouse, American Beaver, White-Tailed Deer, Feral Hog, Turtle, Frog, Crawfish


We partnered with tracking experts to help guide us in choosing the list of animals that would allow you to have the most success with this bandana. We requested animals that met the following criteria:

  • Found across the majority of North America
  • Most abundantly found in the wild
  • That may indicate water nearby
  • That are easy food sources
  • Most useful for side-by-side comparison


These are a form of mimicry adapted by various insects, birds, fish, and reptiles, as well as by some human cultures. The bandana can be folded so the “eyes” face outward and can be worn on the back of the head to serve the same purpose, or worn on the front while napping.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made and Printed in the USA
  • Measures 22" x 22" Square

Beau Harger is our local tracker. He took us out in the field, got our feet wet (and almost got Dustin stuck knee-deep in mud) and gave us the hands-on crash course in tracking. He’s been an integral part in the design of this product and made himself available at all hours of the night to answer questions and continue pushing this design in the right direction.

Jonah Evans ( is also a fellow Texan with about 2 decades of tracking experience (and who knows how many certifications) but still maintains the humble life-long student attitude, realizing there is always more to learn. He even has an app called iTrack Wildife that is a great learning tool to combine with this bandana.

Mark Elbroch ( helped bring the CyberTracker program to the U.S. and literally wrote the books on tracking. Not just any books, but the books with the most accurate and detailed prints available. He partnered with us to provide the artwork for the bandana and we truly couldn’t have done it without him!

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United States United States

Awesome Bandana!!!

Cool patterns and amazing quality!

United States United States


Excellent quality and infinitely useful. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

ANDREW SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

useful and informative.

Brian SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

An excellent piece of wearable gear! It’s been years since I’ve done any tracking, so this helps me in getting my feet wet again with knowing common tracks. Also, the “eyes” are a great asset when walking at night in the mountains. The Rockies in Colorado are no joke when the sun goes down and cats come out. If I have to continue hiking in the dark I put the Bandana on like a headband and face the “eyes” on the back of my head to thwart any potential cat attacks because they’re less likely to attack if they think that someone can them.

Sharon E.
United States United States

Tracking bandana

Giving as a Christmas gift. Looks cool, should be fun and super assessable when hiking.

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