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An Extra Warm Wool Beanie with an Extra Secret Pocket

The Cache Beanie™ is a fleece-lined, 100% fine Italian Merino wool beanie that brings your standard Watchman-style hat to a new level. *Cough* Secret Pocket *Cough*.  This completely inconspicuous pocket is so well hidden that you might even think we forgot to add it. Stay warm and up your everyday carry game in cold weather.

So where is the pocket? The soft, itch-proof fleece lining of this wool beanie doubles as a credit card-size hidden pocket. This hidden pocket is designed to be the most inconspicuous pocket we've made so far but is able to fit your most necessary items such as credit cards, our new FireCard, spare keys, hunting license, Grim Cards, Tiny Survival Guide, or any of our other everyday survival tools.

  • 100% Italian Fine Merino Wool
  • 100% Polyester Fleece Liner
  • Multifunctional Wickett & Craig Leather Tab
  • For Cold Weather Wear
  • Manufacturer Tag Stealthily Doubles as Pocket Pull Tab
  • Tear-Away Care Label
  • High Visibility Goldenrod Yellow Inner Mesh Pocket


  • Inner Fleece Liner Doubles as a Hidden Pocket
  • Fits Credit Cards, License, and All Other “Micro Survival Kit” Items
  • Low-Profile "Hook & Loop" Pocket Closure to Secure Items


  • Watchman Style
  • Classic Chunky 3" Cuff
  • Shallow, Snug Fit
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Cold Hand Wash
  • Do Not Bleech
  • Dry Flat
  • Can Be Re-shaped and Stretched While Wet
  • Tumble Dry Low to SHRINK

  • Free US Shipping Over $65
  • Worry Less Warranty
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United States United States

Review based from Crap bag unit

I understand that this is "Factory 2nd's" and I am discounting any manufacturer defects this one arrived with, however... My assumption is that size, assembly and components are same, if that is not the case, please disregard below... Beanie is relatively small, it fits but needs constant adjustments, I don't consider myself as having large head, from experience of owning multiple beanies from different manufacturers. Merino wool is one fact that would justify the price. Beanie has one pocket for odd items to be stored inside. It is large enough to fit credit card size items. Wazoo has added fleece band, around mid section, in attempt to provide warmth around the head and ears, that part works well. We had several very windy days in NE Ohio and I had to keep pulling beanie down and adjust folds, so my ears would stay relatively warm. If you are bold, your top of head might be affected by wind, as whole beanie is relatively loosely woven I feel that this product is perfect for those cold, non windy days, that you have to do outside chores, as it keeps you warm but doesn't let your head sweat. Or around campfire Would I buy another one at the original price? I am tempted to say NO, but this product does have some value in its niche

Andrew B.
Australia Australia

Don’t want to do this review.

It’s summer in Australia. I’ll wear it in winter.

Mariusz B.
Poland Poland

the „made in Colorado” joy!

the above title expression was the first impression. positive enough that you can add some more: 1/ smell: fresh wooly not dockuard stinky 2/ touch: not a plastic fantastic type, but the one, which forces you to close your eyes and try again… the result you should check by yourself, because even my most precise description will not match your lifetime experience 3/ look: the beanie itself looks cool, but adding your head to it makes the view iconic, 4/ to conclude: ask the seller to just shut up and take upur money

Christopher W.
United States United States

Cache Beanie Is Excellent

First off I would like to say that the Cache Beanie lives up to its reputation. It well made, fits great and extremely comfortable. I was rather reluctant to leave a 5 star review though because I was highly disappointed when I received it. The package it arrived in came open at on end somewhere along the way. When I opened the package further to my surprise, I saw the expensive Cache Beanie that I had just purchased not in any sort of packaging, but just loose in the envelope that it was mailed in. Dust and other debris had made its way into the package from the open part of the package and was all over the Beanie. I was able to thankfully get it all off without any physical damage being caused to the Beanie itself, but I was disappointed to say the least after reading all of the great reviews on this product. To find and receive this just loose in the package it was mailed in and not in some kind of plastic wrap or protective cover was not what I was expecting and dissatisfying to see. I only left the 5 star rating because of the quality of the product. I am highly disappointed in the way this expensive product was mailed out. I love the Beanie but was and am highly disappointed the way it arrived. You might want to protect your product better in the future for these very types of scenarios that tend to happen at no fault of yours. By putting it in something akin to a sealed baggie at the very least and not leaving it just loose in the packaging material it is being sent through the mail in would go a long way in preventing these types of situations. This is my honest review of the product and think you could improve on the packaging of future shipments. Otherwise I do love and recommend this to others, but want it known exactly how it was shipped out to me and how mishandled of items can happen which led up to my experience with receiving this great product.

gj A.
United States United States

Don't know yet

I bought the hats, one for me and one as a gift. The gift is for Christmas so I do not know how he likes it yet. The one for me, well I live in AZ and the need for this hat does not occur often so you and I must wait....

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