First Aid Tinder (FAT) Packs™

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This product was retired in June 2019.

Replaceable fire starters and first aid for ANY paracord bracelet! Hold them on with a couple of Ranger Bands and you increase the awesome factor of whatever you put them on.

Ever struggle to find small fuzzy tinder that'll take a spark? What about when it's raining? Let a F.A.T. Packet turn that spark into a flame. If you don't think 30 seconds is enough for your soggy conditions, add a ranger band to the mix for extra burn time. Ever had cuts or scrapes? Protect the wound and ease the pain with the triple antibiotic first aid dressing. Nothing worse than surviving a dire situation only to die of infection.

***WARNING*** ALLERGIC WARNING: Do not use if you are allergic to any of the following: Bacitracin zinc, Neomycin, Polymyxin B sulfate, or Pramoxine hydrochloride. Do not wear flammable items if you work around fire or really hot things. Wazoo Survival Gear LLC is not responsible and will not be held liable for your actions. Inhaling fumes of burning objects is bad for your health so use only in well-ventilated areas.

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Earl G.

Quality First Aid - Field Tested!

I was out in the woods, preparing to do a video review of the wire saw and the F.A.T. Packs and the ranger bands, when, while cutting open the F.A.T Packs, my knife slipped and cut my finger to the bone. I applied two of the four F.A.T. Packs I had on me to the deep cut and the F.A.T Packs almost stopped all of the bleeding by the time I got my First Aid Kit open. Another Great product by Wazoo Survival Gear LLC with the F.A.T. Packs, very glad I purchased more. Keep up the good work! :) This is a quality First Aid product to have on hand alongside a quality First Aid Kit.

Shon B.

Great Addition

The F.A.T. packets are a great addition to your Wazoo bracelet. I bought some along with the ranger bands and placed them near the buckle as suggested and nearly forgot they were there until I needed them.

Erik T.

Excellent Idea by WAZOO!

Though I hope to never need these little gems, I'm sure they'll do exactly what they are advertised to do. As the picture shows, they fit rather nicely inside the buckle when held in place with a ranger band.


burns great, tested 3 packs and all burnred for 33-35 sec.

Solid tinder, burns over 30 secs and was succesfull all 3 tested.

David B.

Amazingly smart invention

Having the FAT packs handy, ensures a more easily built fire, but also turns a piece of duct tape into an infection fighting bandage. Plus they are small, I put them in every survival kit!

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