Lumberjack Bracelet™

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This product was retired in May 2018.

This bracelet combines the classic paracord appearance you know and love with a rustic, manliness factor that allows you to take down trees with your bare hands!... or maybe just by using the wire saw hidden inside. With the fire starting abilities of our Firestorm Buckle and the firewood harvesting ability of Paul Bunyan, you'll be warm and cozy all night long.

Because harvesting firewood and building shelters can be a pain in the butt! Stretch your wire saw across a curved stick to make a bow saw and cut through sticks and logs like a hot knife through butter.


No, but it'll chuck more wood than Chuck Norris! There is no replacement for learning and practicing survival skills. Survival is inherently dangerous and these products are in NO WAY a guarantee of survival.


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