Survival Kit Core Tube™

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This product was retired in June 2019.

These small waterproof tubes house the survival kits that are hidden inside your favorite Wazoo products, but can equally stand alone as compact, organized mini-survival kits that can be stowed or incorporated in all kinds of wearable forms: Altoid-style tins, Pen Pockets, Hats, and of course Survival Bracelets.  


5" x 1/4" Fishing Line - 30 ft, 50 lb test, braided spectra Fish Hooks - 2x Eagle Claw, Size 8 Safety Pins - 2x Brass, Size 00 Split Shot Weights - 2x Reusable lead size 3/0 Sealed in Waterproof Straw


4 1/4" x 3/8" 19" Stainless Steel Wire Saw Sealed in Waterproof Straw   


4" x 1/4" Fishing Line - 20 ft, 50 lb test, braided spectra Fish Hooks - 2x Eagle Claw, Size 8 Magnetized Needle - Sharps size 7 Sealed in Waterproof Straw 5" x 1/4"


Snare Wire - 30", 7 strand twisted stainless steel, 100lb test Wires can be separated out to provide 7 individual pieces equaling 17 1/2 ft total Sealed in Waterproof Straw  

Wazoo products can only help you survive if you have the basic skills in the first place. These kits allow you to practice with the same parts inside your wearable survival kits without tearing apart your favorite piece of gear. If you're an experienced weaver, you can take a shot at making your own custom survival kit bracelet with our Firestorm Buckles and Paracord.

Add your own spin to a Wazoo classic or create your own custom from the ground up and let us know how it turns out.

(NOTE: Lumberjack, Minimalist, and Snare tubes will interfere with the Compasses)


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