Fire Starting Necklaces: Explore the Different Designs and Features

The ability to start a fire quickly and efficiently is a necessary skill and can make all the difference in emergency situations, ensuring that you can create warmth and light. Making sure you have the tools to do so is the first step.

Now we all know that there are many different kinds of fire starting tools available nowadays, and well, even we have designed and sold multiple different fire-starting tools. But there’s one fire-starting tool that we’re particularly fond of at Wazoo, and that is a wildly capable and compact, Fire-Starting Necklace. So much so that we’ve designed an entire collection of Fire Starting Pendants, that now includes three, unique, custom-designed necklaces that will give you the power to spark a flame anytime, anywhere.

Fire Starting Necklaces


You may be wondering why we’re so invested in our line of fire starting necklaces and what makes them, dare we say it, better or one step ahead or preferable, to another compact fire-starter. So we’ll give you a few quick reasons why these wearable, compact tools are one step above.

First off, we designed our gear to be worn and used. Not only for emergency situations but for every day too. Our fire starting necklaces serve as both a functional tool and a stylish accessory, ensuring that the ability to create a fire is always within arm's reach.

So go ahead and use it for the everyday stuff too.

Need a quick way to fire up the grill? Use any of our Fire Starting Pendants to spark a quick flame.

Need a sharp edge to unbox your Wazoo delivery? Use the ceramic on your Spark Necklace™.

Need a reliable fire-starter on your ultralight backpacking trip? Carry a Bushcraft™ or a Spark Necklace™.

Spark Necklace Gif

We could go on and on but hopefully, you’re catching on that wearing a fire-starting necklace offers the ultimate blend of practicality, readiness, and ease for everyday use.


We should also mention that for when you really need them most, our fire starting necklaces are engineered to work. At Wazoo, we pride ourselves on only using the highest quality materials (unlike some other fire starting necklaces on the market).


Each of our Fire Starting Pendants contains a Ferro Rod Toggle that uses the correct mixture of ferrocerium, designed to throw a huge shower of super-heated sparks. We say correct mixture because not all ferro rods are created equal. We’ve created a custom, soft mixture of ferrocerium that is used in all our ferro rods.

This custom mixture allows for more material to be shaved off of the Ferro Rod Toggle with each scrape, therefore producing larger, longer-lasting sparks. Using more material doesn’t mean less use, you’ll still get over 1000 uses per toggle!

And because we’re fanatical about design, all hard corners of the Ferro Rod Toggles are chamfered. Chamfering the outside corners makes the Ferro Rod Toggle so comfortable resting against your body that you won't even remember it's there. Just another perk.

Ferro rod toggles


Despite the different shapes of the ceramic scrapers on our pendants, they’re all designed using the same Zirconia Ceramic. This type of ceramic is 10x harder than steel, won’t rust or dull, and is the perfect pair for starting a fire with ferrocerium no matter the conditions.

 Ceramic Scraper

This combo of materials has been put through intense field tests and vetted by some of the best survivalists and outdoorsmen, so it’s without a doubt that we can say that our Fire Starting Pendants, provide a reliable method for ignition in every condition.

Spark Fire Starting Necklace

Choosing a Fire Starting Necklace Design

As our collection of Fire Starting Necklaces has evolved, we now have three different necklace designs that cater to different preferences, skill sets, and personal styles. But with so many options, you may be wondering which Fire Starting Pendant is right for you. Let’s dig into the details of each!

Fire Starting Necklace Comparison

The Bushcraft Necklace™

The Bushcraft™ is the Original Fire Starting Necklace that hit the market. For real. The origin of the Bushcraft Necklace™ is actually a funny story and it came about because an incorrect dimension mock-up was sent to the ceramic factory, leading us to have 2000 ceramic scrapers that were the “wrong size” for their originally intended purpose.

What started as a major dilemma, turned into the creation of an iconic, never-before-seen product, all because of a little improvising. Story aside, the features of the Bushcraft Necklace™ have become the go-to for fire-starting necklaces across the industry. Making The Bushcraft Necklace™ a tried and true necklace design.

Bushcraft Necklace


  • Ferro Rod Toggle
  • Zirconia Ceramic Scraper
  • Adjustable Double Fisherman’s Knot (15" to 28" inches)


  • The original, iconic fire-starting necklace design
  • Smallest ceramic scraper
    • Ideal for a more subdued look
    • Great for those experienced using a ferro rod & scraper
  • Adjustable knots make it easy to wear at different lengths

The Spark Necklace™

The Spark Necklace™ was launched via Kickstarter in 2022 and has become an instant fan favorite! After our original fire starting necklace design had become knocked off and saturated within the market, we decided it was time to really engineer a new and sleek ceramic design while retaining all the functional benefits of the original. The Spark Necklace™ retains all the same high quality materials as the original, but with some new and improved features.

Spark Necklace


  • Ferro Rod Toggle
  • Upgraded Zirconia Ceramic Scraper
  • Custom-Designed Quick Release Clasp


  • Upgraded Ceramic Shape
    • Longer; making it easier to hold
    • Thicker; for use for deburring axes and knives or scraping material
    • Drop point end for unboxing
    • Great for those new to using a ferro rod & ceramic
  • Removable Quick Release Clasp
    • For adjusting length
    • For replacing a Ferro Rod Toggle
  • Sleek, practical design

The Viking Spark™

The Viking Spark™ is a one-of-a-kind fire-starting AND sharpening necklace. This design was inspired by feedback from ambassadors and customers who wanted the capabilities of both our Bushcraft Necklace™ and Viking Whetstone Pendant in one. And we don’t blame them!

When designing the ceramic scraper for The Spark™ we made sure to match the hole size to that of the Viking Whetstone, so that the ceramic nests perfectly on the back side, allowing it to be easily deployed when needed.

Viking spark necklace


  • Ferro Rod Toggle
  • Upgraded Zirconia Ceramic Scraper
  • Custom-designed Quick Release Clasp
  • Genuine Arkansas Novaculite Whetstone


  • Combined fire-starting and sharpening capabilities
  • Whetstone
    • Four unique grinds for sharpening & maintenance of various tool edges
  • Ceramic Scraper
    • Nested flat behind Whetstone
    • Upgraded shape
  • Removable Quick Release Clasp
    • For adjusting length
    • For replacing a Ferro Rod Toggle
Viking Spark gif


Fire starting necklaces are an indispensable tool for anyone looking to combine preparedness with convenience, both every day and on outdoor adventures. Our Fire Starting Pendants' compact size and reliability make them a fan favorite among customers and ourselves.

Choosing between The Bushcraft™, The Spark™, and The Viking Spark™ ultimately depends on personal preference, intended use, and the value placed on additional features beyond fire starting. No matter which design you prefer, we’ll bet it’ll become your favorite, functional accessory.

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